The Beginning

December 28, 2008 § Leave a comment

Not a whole lot to tell on how Jana and I met. It was freshman year, spring semester. Our freshman writing class had to have been pretty early in the morning; I’m thinking either 9 or 10. Could have even been 8 but I don’t think I would have scheduled a class that early after having 8am classes my first semester, but I digress. I walked in to that tiny classroom, early of course, and there Jana sat in the front row in the seat against the brick wall. I started to take a seat more towards the back but I changed my mind and sat next to the girl because, well, she didn’t look like she would annoy me. I bravely introduced myself, part of my, I’m going to conquer my shyness plan, and the rest was, as they say, history.

I’m afraid my portion of the “how we met” story is a little faded. Along the years, I have deferred to Tanaya in the telling of this momentous event in our lives. At first, I liked her telling because it was funnier. Now, I like her telling because I don’t remember the day. All I have to say is that first class we took together helped us to form an inexplicable bond into sisterhood that has maintained itself now 8 years later.


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