January 15, 2009 § Leave a comment

Priceline negotiator indeed.

Unbeknownst to us until recently, Jana having read about it in an article in the New York Times, you can name your own prices on  Looking for a room for our March trip to Arizona we decided to investigate the deals on Priceline.  At first, we tried several different prices and location areas to no avail.  We kept raising our bid and expanding our search areas until finally at hit.

Well, a hit and a shock. After mapping the location given in the name of the hotel, we thought that it was near Tucson when we wanted to be near Phoenix.  Well, no matter, we thought, we can call to cancel. Apparently reading terms and agreements are a good idea.  Once you place a bid you are bound to the reservation.  You cannot cancel either through Priceline or the hotel you book.

After freaking out for 5 minutes the confirmation came through and showed all the hotel information.  The address of the hotel was indeed in Phoenix.  Apparently, there is a street in Phoenix with the same name as a town near Tucson.  Well that was a great relief and a good lesson.

So in exchange for choice and flexibility, Priceline can offer deep discounts.  We discovered that we have saved over $100 on our hotel room.

Now, with a room reservation and tickets for a game, it seems our Spring Training trip is on.  Now to just check off the dates until we finally get to go!


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