Post Inauguration

January 29, 2009 § Leave a comment

We’ve been back for a week. Getting back in the groove of things. Playing catch-up.

Looking back on our short and historic trip to DC for the 56th Presidential Inauguration, I am still in awe that we were actually there. To be a witness to history is something that I will never forget for as long as I live.

But, what stays with me now, the one thing that has not dropped from my many retellings of our tip, is the feeling of collective joy. To be in such a massive crowd and to feel at ease and calm left me speechless. That day we were all cold, we were all tired, and we were all struggling to see. But the smiles did not falter and our shared spirit warmed each of us a little bit more.

I regrettably did not make new friends that day, it did not strike me as a moment of exhilaration to be shared, I was experiencing it for myself. In the absolute silence as our new President’s words reverberated across the Mall, I had the feeling that each and everyone of us were absorbing those words into our very soul. We each stood silently alone breathing in the cold air and exhaling all of our own hopes for our country and our President. Yet, it is exactly that shared silence and shared hope that binds me to the nearly 2 million strangers with whom I experienced history with.

Life, as it does, will inevitably return back to normal. But I will always take pause to remember that day and feel that connection again.


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