{Tanaya} Lomography + the iPhone = Bliss

September 1, 2010 § 1 Comment

I could list a thousand excuses for why I need the new iPhone 4, but the plain fact of the matter is I wanted one for the FUN of it and I haven’t been disappointed.

This is my first iPhone and my first adventure into the world of apps.  Of all the apps that I have discovered, there is one that I  do not know how I lived without. Hipstamatic is just about the best app in the world.  It may not be free, but for a lomophile like myself, it is worth every penny.

Okay, I might have lost a few of you. Let me briefly tell you about lomography.  Starting in the 60s several cheap, medium format (120mm film) cameras hit the market. Often made of plastic and full of flaws, these simple-to-use cameras created dazzling dreamy images. Recently, a new age of photographers have discovered the joy of these cameras and this field of photography is now called lomography.

Holga, Taken at Yosemite

I was introduced to this seductive world by a friend and her Holga.  After I saw her pictures I just had to get one–or three.

This picture was taken with a Holga pinhole, which means it doesn’t have a lens. Which also means absolutely no way to focus. It also has no automatic shutter or aperture controls so you basically click the button, hold your breath, and pray.  You can see in this photo the cloudy effect in the upper right corner. That is caused by a light leak in the body of the camera.

Even if you are an experienced, knowledgeable photographer, you can never quite be sure what you are going to get. That is the excitement and beauty of lomography. It is like Christmas every time you develop a negative.

Lens: John S Film: Alfred Infrared

But waiting for Christmas requires patience. This is exactly where Hipstamatic comes in.  Sure, there is a whole niche devoted to “fauxmography,” where you manipulate digital images to recreate the lomography feel, but you lose the surprise. There is something so fun and so magical about clicking a button and not knowing what you are going to get.  With all the different films, lenses, and flashes available in this great little app the fun never stops!


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§ One Response to {Tanaya} Lomography + the iPhone = Bliss

  • tbeidler says:

    I couldn’t agree more! I stumbled into the world of Helga’s and “Toy Cameras” back in the early 90s when I was taking photography and B+W darkroom classes. It was great to get away from the 1/60th @ f5.6 or how many minutes in the fixer or stop bath and just take pictures. I actually started taking better pictures. iPhone and it’s photo apps have done the same.

    Have fun with it 😉

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